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Sites are Responsive designs to phones, tablets or computers
Stock Images included (up to 6)
Sliders & Gallaries can be added
Includes main slider page with contact page

Your site will look like the layout used on this page.  Scroll down to see how it’s divided into sections to showcase your business products or services.
Use this initial section to introduce yourself and your business.  It can be some text or a combination of text and images to get your message to your prospective customers.

Handyman & Home Renovators

Painters, plumbers, small or large renovations.  Use a site to highlight your services, add an image gallery to show off the work you’ve done.

Accounting Business

Offer bookkeeping services or have a home based accounting company?
Direct perspective customers to your site to show what services you can offer them.

Hobby Farms

Looking to advertise your small hobby farm, riding lessons or a petting zoo?
This section can highlight the products or services you


Budding photographer looking to show of a few of your great images.  Show what styles of photos you take and what types of services you offer.

Service Provider

Home catering, bakers, crafters, home based product businesses, cleaners or decorators.

Lawn Maintenance & Gardening

Have a yard maintenance, weed removal, gardening or snow plowing & removal business.  Advertise your services on a website.

Our Services

You can choose a section of toggle bars.  Set to a closed state and when your viewers click on them they open up to display your information,


If you’re offering a service that has some pretty common questions asked you could highlight them in a section like this

Whatever you like...

Can go in these option boxes 🙂



A toggle section can be added to highlight some comments or FAQ’s perhaps.  Visitors just click on the + and you information will appear.


Days till Summer









Countdown to a special event or sale perhaps

As well as social icon buttons to link to your page

If your site is more product driven, Images to showcase your product/services can be displayed as a self rotating gallery.  You can also choose to have them displayed as a grid layout as shown in the section below.

An Image can also be displayed in the background as well (like this snowy owl, I took this picture this year….isn’t he awesome!! 🙂 ).

Maximum of 8 gallery display images included.

Old Pictures

Use this section to add customer testimonials to promote your business or service to future customers

I have used “your company or name” for the past three years to clean my home.  They do a wonderful job and are very dependable.  I would recommend their services to anyone.

Tamara Jones

Lindsay, ON

I have had several events catered by “your company/name” and have never been disappointed.  The food is fresh and tastes amazing.  From main dishes, to dessert everything is perfect.

James Richards

Peterborough, ON

Up to four testimonials can be added in this section 

Your site will include a layout similar to this page style.  One sliding page divided into a maximum of 6 sections specific to your needs.  A contact section can be added to the end or as a separate page if you prefer.  You can choose the main colours you would like to go with, and what each section is to have.  Slider or single image header at top, text, images, gallery, testimonials, etc and the 6th section being the contact us.  This will require a bit of work on your end to ensure layout is what you want.  A detailed sketch or instructions will be required.  Changes can be done to tweak the final result but please no major revisions after initial design is submitted.

Images can be supplied but will need to be a good quality image to ensure a good display.  Also included is up to six stock images as well, specific to your industry/service.

Social icon buttons can also be included, to the left you will see a set of buttons that allow people to share your page/content to their social media accounts and in the bottom menus you can link to your Facebook/twitter/google + accounts if you have them.

A blog section can be added to your site that you can post to, it is not included in the base price of $250.  If you would like to add a blog it will be an additional $50.  Any posts to your blog will be done by you so please ensure that this is something you could do on your own, it is not hard but requires going into the backend of your website.

Web domain www.”yoursite”.com will be registered in your name and you will own all rights to it, domain registration and hosting will be in addition to the design of your site.  I use 1& and that is where your hosting will be set up, packages include one domain name.  Prices vary and sometimes as a new customer you can get an intro price, in general you can expect to pay around $6.99/mo to host a site of this size.  Prices are in US dollars and subject to change.

A deposit of 50% will be required and balance due upon completion.

If you have any questions please email through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Lindsay, on

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