Personalized prints and gifts

Where are you located?

I am located in Lindsay, Ontario.  I do meet in Peterborough *usually every other weekend when I do a Costco run.  Port Perry is sometimes an option as well. 

Where/when can I pick up?
Lindsay, at my home most evenings and weekends.  I am able to offer pick up where I work as well, not far from my home weekdays 8 am – 5 pm.  I meet (at a specific location, home delivery is not available) in Peterborough *usually every other weekend and pick up in Port Perry can also be arranged with a little planning.

Do you ship?
Not normally but I can,  it’s kind of costly (imo).  An average size package usually runs $14-$18.   I do not ship ceramic mugs, packages go through some serious abuse at times and I don’t think mugs will make the journey.  If your items can ship in an envelope and you want sent as an envelope and not a package I will not guarantee it’s arrival without a tracking number.  That said, I’ve never had a package go missing but there is always a chance.

What are your hours?
I don’t have specific hours or a location that is open to the public. I work out out of my home in my basement office.  I do have a full time job so it may take time for me to respond to questions but I try to check a couple times a day.  All questions, orders, and pick up arrangements can be made through Facebook or email (facebook is always quickest).

How long will my order take?
That depends on the item and time of year.  It gets really really busy during gift giving seasons so Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc.  It’s always best to order as early as possible, I can sometimes offer pretty quick service but everything varies.   As well, some items are only available for short periods.  I try to stock common things all year but some items are bought on “buy ins” so its a one time deal and when it’s gone or it may it may not return until the the next peak season.

Once I have received a 50% deposit, I will start working on your item asap.  I will send you a screen shot image of what your design will look like before the item is actually completed.  Please check your design for accuracy.  Once you ‘ok’ your design, I will make it come to life 🙂  

Why must I pay a deposit?
I started on the honour system but sadly not all people follow through with pick up.  When I started getting a pile of personalized items not picked up I started taking deposits.  Deposits are 50%, I will not start an order until it’s received.  I can not hold items to be made either, as that has went wrong many times as well.  A few bad apples ruin it for the bunch (that’s my mother coming out, lol)  Deposits can easily be sent by etransfer though.  I can offer payments by other methods (credit card or paypal) but you can expect to add about 2-3.5% for what it costs to provide that service. 

How are your items made?
I make a huge variety of items but for the most part many items are created using a sublimation process where the images I create are heat pressed onto specific materials created for the process.  Other methods are made with premium vinyl/heat transfer vinyl or shirts printed direct to garment, for full colour options.  Direct to garment application is printed directly onto the shirt.  This application process gets sent out to be printed.  It can take 5-10 business days to be completed, depending on the season. 

How do I care for my items?
Depending on the item…
Ceramic Mugs: are dishwasher safe up to 3000 washes they predict.  Dishwashers are so different and some get VERY hot which is what ruins items placed in the dishwasher.  Anything vinyl should never go in a dishwasher or be left to soak in water.  I don’t normally offer drinkwear with a vinyl application.
Metal Drinkwear: Hand Wash (water bottles, wine tumblers, travel coffee mugs etc)
Beer Mugs: Hand Wash  (clear or frosted)
Apparel: Turn inside out, wash on cold and hang to dry.

Can metal signs go outside?
Yes, they are treated with a UV coating for outdoor use, average rating of 3-6 years depending on placement.  eg: direct sunlight and open to the elements

I seen a shirt design on your site, can you put it on a mug?
Yes.  Most designs you see can go on almost anything else.

If you have any additional questions just shoot me a message.
Have a fantastic day!!


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