20 OZ  TUMBLERS ~ Comes with clear slider lid, and a plastic straw. Keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 4 hours.  Made from double-walled non-toxic stainless steel.   ***Some dishwashers use high heat/dry cycles which may cause the ink to reactivate and cause some running.  They should be hand washed only*** (as well any double walled tumbler should be hand washed to preserve the seal)  Many of the images shown are mock ups only to show available design options.  End results may vary slightly as colours display differently on different screens.   


Doritos Cool Ranch

Doritos Buffalo & Ranch

Doritos Flaming Hot

Lays Plain Chips

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot

Cheeots Crunch

Chesters Flaming Hot

Lays Wavy

Fritos Scoops

Cracker Jack

Cheetos Hot Lime


Lucky Elephant Popcorn


Cinnamon Rolls

Betty Crocker Cake

Honey Comb


Sour Crawlers

Sour Patch

Bagel Bites

Hot Pockets

Kraft Dinner

Fruit Loops

Cinnamon Toast

Cocoa Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles

Frosted Loops

Easter Cream Egg


Kit Kat


Mike and Ike

Milk Duds

Haribo Bears

Hot Tamales

Reese King Size

Juicy Fruit

Ding Dongs


Cosmic Brownie

Fruit Roll Ups


Jolly Rancher

Darkside Skittles

Air Heads

Jeff Peanut Butter


Slap Ya Mama

Tabasco Hot Sauce


Yellow Mustard

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